Transform your company

Sophie shares her expertise and insights in her new book to give you tools to tackle ongoing workplace changes.

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Choose to advance

Sophie enlightens audiences and readers about Future of Work changes to inform their choices and direction.

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Keep moving ahead

Sophie brings clarity to help businesses and individuals keep up with the fast-changing world of work.


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Navigate What’s Ahead

“The way we work is going through a profound transformation.With Embracing Progress, Sophie Wade provides an essential guide for businesses of all sizes to create a more flexible, empathetic, purpose-driven, and human workplace that can meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities of this new era. ” — Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO, Thrive Global.


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Sophie speaks regularly about Future of Work topics including employee engagement and retention and intergenerational challenges.


Sophie shares insights about the new ways of working and the challenges and opportunities for employers and professionals.


Sophie’s company, Flexcel Network, helps companies make a strategic and smooth transition to the new working environment.



As the opening speaker for the MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Conference, Sophie’s breadth of knowledge about the Future of Work lays the foundation for critical action steps among employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

Kathryn Sollman

Work+Life Thought Leader, CEO, MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Events

Sophie is a catalyst. She both explains the new working circumstances clearly as well as giving thoughtful direction about what to expect going forward and how to adapt successfully.

Pip Coburn

Coburn Ventures

Sophie Wade brings fresh ideas and terrific strategies aimed at helping people succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic work environment.

Julie Silver, MD

Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Strategic Initiatives. Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School

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