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Practicing Empathy @ Work: Helping multigenerational and decentralized teams and leaders be effective

Future of work 'must-read' book. Proactive help to transition.

Highly-recommended 'visionary' reading* to help you understand the new world of work which is now an Executive MBA textbook. Sophie's insights, strategies and workshops help executives and managers understand and transition to the new world of work - a talent-focused, technology-accelerated business environment.

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Sophie speaks on Future-of-Work trends and topics focusing on empathy, skills-based talent management, new leadership styles, and optimizing for the multigenerational, decentralized workforce.
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Sophie's intelligence briefings and transformative workshops help executive teams and clients understand and transition to work effectively in new Future-of-Work environments.
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Sophie’s new book and articles share her insights and case studies of new ways of working; the challenges and opportunities for employers and professionals; and how to tackle them effectively.
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Expert intelligence and insights on Future of Work topics. Curated articles shared biweekly with updates on the latest trends.

recent insights

Recent insights

Interview: Sophie Wade on the Future of Work

The Future of Work is something that everyone wants to understand, but few of us fully do. What we can all agree on is that in many ways, the “future” is already here. There are more freelancers, an increased need for workplace flexibility, and changing technologies that shrink opportunities in some areas while creating opportunities in others. As these technological advances continue to accelerate at a previously unseen pace, it will be increasingly important for businesspeople to anticipate new changes and face them head-on. Read the full interview on InfoWorks.com.

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Remote Work on Tour: Part 3 — Getting into the Groove and then Life Happens!

Life doesn’t stop when you launch yourself into a new adventure. It takes on a whole new level of intensity or growth or involvement or effort. Or all of the above. When Naum Kaluzhny started on his 4-month Remote Year program, he was anticipating a journey of discovery. He wasn’t necessarily anticipating all the other things that ‘life’ throws at you along the way. And these things still have to be dealt with no matter where you are or who you’re with.

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20 Must-Reads on the Future of Work

*Sophie's book--Embracing Progress--is recognized as being visionary reading about the Future of Work and a 'MUST READ':

The beginning of the year is a time when we start thinking about the future. As CEO of Upwork, I read widely in order to better anticipate and understand the trends in work. If you want to immerse yourself in visionary reading about the future of work, education, and cities—and perhaps even become your own futurist—check out my picks that look to the road ahead.

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and opportunities are changing the world of work and we are adapting. Re-skilling or up-skilling is the…

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A Sophie Wade @ASophieWade - Saturday, Sep 14, 2019

Are we ready to deal with this much personal information? becomes increasingly critical as we benefit from…

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A Sophie Wade @ASophieWade - Saturday, Sep 14, 2019

We are becoming understandably and necessarily more purposeful and involved in designing and determining our own li…

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Sophie is a Workforce Innovation Specialist. She is an authority on the wide-ranging Future-of-Work issues impacting companies and workers’ new demands – such as attracting, engaging and retaining talent; digital transformation; managing a distributed workforce; and new career paradigms.

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Chief Talent Officer,


Associate Professor,
Harvard Medical School

“Sophie Wade brings a thoughtful and refreshing perspective to the critical topic of the Future of Work. She has spent much time and energy assessing how we can achieve better performance, engagement, and career satisfaction in the workplace. Embracing Progress is full of good ideas that can help us all think more creatively about how we work. It couldn’t come at a more important time.”

“Sophie Wade brings to readers fresh ideas and terrific strategies aimed at helping them to succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic work environment, with experience from her own career that has been latticed and diverse.”


Work+Life Thought Leader,


Coburn Ventures

As the opening speaker for the MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Conference, Sophie’s breadth of knowledge about the Future of Work lays the foundation for critical action steps among employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

Sophie is a catalyst. She both explains the new working circumstances clearly as well as giving thoughtful direction about what to expect going forward and how to adapt successfully.

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