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Video & Audio Archive

Sophie is a lively and amusing speaker who engages and connects easily with her audiences.

Watch and list to examples of her talks and interviews to get a sense of her energy, style and rich content. 


Samples are available to watch and listen to of select speaking engagements, interviews and seminars. Please review to get a sense of the different topics and dynamics that Sophie discusses with a variety of audiences.

The Economics of Empathy. INBOUND, September 2017

Helping People and Corporations Move into the New World of Work. BIF2017 September 2017

Career Experience Management and the Combination Workforce. WorkHuman May 2017

Companies need to embrace freelancers. Yahoo Finance, May 2017

The Ebb and Flow of People and Work. WORKTECH 16, May 2016

More Video & Audio

The Reinvention of Careers & Career Planning, DisruptHR, April 2016

Thought Leader on Work-Life Integration, Law Without Walls, February 2016

Please listen to a selection of Sophie’s interviews that cover a variety of new and evolving workforce and workplace issues:

Interview by Stu Taylor on Business - Money Matters Radio Network, June 2017

Interview on Career Experience Management - WorkHuman Radio, July 2017

Embracing Progress - Mike Schikman Show, WSVA May 2017

Put an End to All the Frustrations at Work - Emotions at Work May 2017

Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner - Tend Strategies February 2017

How You Get the Most from a Distributed Workforce – Business Breakthrough, July 2016

Workplace Transition Specialist – Interview on Game Changers, BREAKOUT Abha.TV, April 2016

Social Media in the Workplace: Control vs Transparency, Jumpwire Media February 2016

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