• Are you worried about keeping your top talent?
  • Have you noticed leadership needs and approaches changing?
  • Are you concerned about increasing turnover?
  • Would you like to adapt and are looking for guidance as to how?

Workplace changes and workforce demands are disrupting operations, driven mainly by new technologies. You have an important, immediate opportunity to create a sustainable work environment and advantageous competitive positioning for your company.

Benefit from Sophie's strategic insights; a data-rich approach; and a targeted emphasis on engagement, personalization, integration and choice. Develop essential strategies and suitable transition plans to implement and future-proof your business with her unique support.




Sophie shares her deep knowledge in executive briefings and interactive seminars, as well as through management and employee presentations and workshops. Sophie brings essential data and direction to advance your company’s technologically-integrated and talent-focused transformation. Critical areas include:

Optimizing Leadership and Talent in an Evolving Workplace

“Command and Control” leadership is transitioning to a more empathetic “Leading from Within” approach. Get help engaging and retaining top talent, including younger workers, with better understanding and addressing of individual needs and situations.

Improving Intergenerational Communication and Collaboration

Four generations in the workplace appear to bring starkly different values, expectations and mindsets together. Learn how to stimulate constructive communication and collaboration so everyone’s experience and expertise is contributed and appreciated.

Managing a Flexible and Distributed Workforce

Employees’ workplace flexibility and the growing pool of freelance talent are changing the office and team dynamics and schedules. Find out how to motivate, manage, and support your new workforce mix so they can perform at the highest levels.

Designing and Managing Career Experiences

As traditional linear career tracks fade, younger workers especially are struggling to navigate flatter corporations while looking to develop their potential and plot latticed careers. Discover how new career frameworks can motivate and retain your workers.

"The new ways of working are mostly about making practical changes that make sense to engage employees, improve their well-being, boost productivity, and operate more effectively, resulting in a more vibrant and dynamic corporate ecosysrem."

- Sophie Wade from her new book, Embracing Progress


Sophie’s subject matter intelligence is combined with strategic vision and practical application to achieve compelling, transformational results through a unique process and elements:

Flexible Approach:

The first-principles methodology allows any business to step back from current practices and project an appropriate Future-of-Work environment.

Proven Priorities:

Emphasis on engagement, personalization, integration and choice is supported by research to achieve successful transition to new ways of working.

Progress Metrics:

Measurement is critical to mark progress, recognize accruing benefits as well as enable trials to surface relevant refinements and successful roll-outs.

Ongoing Evolution:

Current workforce and workplace dynamics require monitoring and adjustments to plans over time within adaptable forecast parameters.

Expert intelligence and insights on Future of Work topics. Curated articles shared biweekly with updates on the latest trends.


Work+Life Thought Leader, CEO, MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Events

As the opening speaker for the MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Conference, Sophie’s breadth of knowledge about the Future of Work lays the foundation for critical action steps among employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

Coburn Ventures

Sophie is a catalyst. She both explains the new working circumstances clearly as well as giving thoughtful direction about what to expect going forward and how to adapt successfully.

Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Harvard Medical School

Sophie Wade brings fresh ideas and terrific strategies aimed at helping people succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic work environment.

Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Harvard Medical School

Sophie Wade brings fresh ideas and terrific strategies aimed at helping people succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic work environment.

Sophie regularly speaks to corporate and public audiences about Future-of-Work topics such as employee engagement and retention, workplace flexibility, intergenerational challenges and new career paradigms.
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Sophie helps companies understand the breadth of the Future-of-Work changes, project desired new working environment, develop strategic plans, and smoothly execute their transition.
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Sophie’s new book and articles share her insights and case studies of new ways of working; the challenges and opportunities for employers and professionals; and how to tackle them effectively.
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