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Integrating Generations


Do you recognize this disconnect?



Would you like to reduce challenging interactions between employees of different generations? Would you like to harness the diverse ideas and perspectives of all employees to enhance problem-solving and creativity?

This workshop benefits the entire workforce—executives, managers, and teams at all levels. Experience how to stimulate constructive communication and start productive new habits so everyone’s experience and expertise is contributed and appreciated. A better-integrated team will collaborate more effectively with improved results.

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  • Share personal context to develop mutual connections

  • Find common ground to bridge generational gaps

  • Improve interactions by understanding coworkers’ mindsets

  • Avoid miscommunications by recognizing colleagues’ points of view

  • Discover how including more perspectives improves outcomes

  • Outline questions to check team members fully grasp project details

  • Frame key issues in terms everyone can all relate to and value

  • Build cross-generational relationships to enhance collaboration



The multigenerational workforce brings their variety of personal contexts – different values, expectations, meanings, technology-savvy, and mindsets. Misinterpretations, miscommunications, and interactions at cross-purposes can result.

In this workshop, Sophie explores how participants’ diverse individual backgrounds impact their words, meaning, actions and reactions. Pairs and groups replicate scenarios to identify how misunderstandings happen and methods to resolve them.

Participants experience the value of exploring contrasting perspectives to boost collaboration and problem-solving. Groups deepen connections and realize the benefit of inclusive mindsets. Contact us to help your team integrate and innovate.


Using experiential settings, participants recognize how to benefit from new approaches and craft habits to bridge and benefit from individual differences. Attendees create shared goals and purposeful common context for discussion.

Sophie explains and demonstrates the principles of transformative routines that groups simulate and experiment with. Participants recognize and appreciate personal differences through exercises utilizing deep listening and clarifying questions.

Sophie supports workshop members’ development and initiation of productive routines, together identifying launch hurdles and crafting micro-steps to establish lasting habits. Contact us to schedule this workshop to enhance your teams’ results.

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