Do key players in your business have the data they need to make informed strategic workforce and workplace decisions that impact your company’s success?


Are you concerned about how up to date Board members, executives, and managers are regarding important talent-focused developments?


As a 2018 Influencer to Watch in employee engagement, Sophie is a trusted expert resource who can deliver essential work-related intelligence to your existing clients, prospective customers, and senior management.  

Existing Clients:

Bring Sophie to present to client groups at your user conferences and private events. Utilize third party validation to support customers’ comprehensive understanding of ongoing work-related changes that impact their business and operations.

Senior Management:

Catalyze action within your company’s Board members, senior team, and managers by having someone with years of knowledge in the field explain the full implications of Future-of-Work changes, options and potential outcomes for your business.

Prospective Customers:

Engage Sophie to provide useful insights via webinars and at public events. She can share essential Future-of-Work trends, data and case studies to create more common ground about what will enable and support their sustainable future growth.

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