How far along is your company’s Future-of-Work transition? How are you monitoring progress, evaluating trials and measuring implementation results? Who is engaged in the process and bought into the outcomes? Could you benefit from adding deep field expertise to your transition team to help validate strategies, tests, and rollout plans?


Purposeful and pre-emptive change is important to remain competitive. Proactive involvement is essential for the successful advancement of your business in transition. The technologically-accelerated pace of business dictates a more participatory approach incorporating flexibility to allow for status checks and new iterations as you proceed.

Transition Metrics: 

Wherever you are in the process, key quantitative and qualitative metrics can be identified and selected in order to be able to track as you progress towards your desired Future-of-Work environment. These are particular to your company and workforce and determined by the areas that are in transition. These measurements are also important during trials to assist making appropriate refinements before broader plans are executed.

Consulting Participation: 

Sophie’s subject matter intelligence is combined with strategic vision and practical application will help your company achieve compelling transformational results. She can be involved in different elements of the process as required including: research intelligence, conducting interviews and stimulating exploratory discussion to seed, promote and advance essential strategic dialog and planning, as well as trials and workshops to facilitate successful rollout.

Management Involvement: 

A diverse transition team is essential to give relevant inputs in development of strategic plans and supporting trials and refinements before company-wide rollout is executed upon. If the active involvement of your workforce is stimulated—leaders, managers, and team members alike—each person can better: contribute significant inputs to inform strategic decisions; align with the company vision and respond fully to new accountability.

Embracing Progress: 

Sophie Wade’s book, Embracing Progress: Next Steps for the Future of Work, is a worthwhile primer to share broadly among leaders throughout your organization. Helpful information about the Future of Work supplements illustrative examples and case studies to explain principles and approaches as well as decision parameters and implementation conditions. Transformation is smoothest when key players have a thorough understanding of the current trends as well as anticipated changes ahead and the evolution forecast giving them compelling reasons to support and execute plans thoroughly. 

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