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Reviewing ’22 – How Are We Doing? What’s Working?

December 28, 2022



Reviewing ’22 – How Are We Doing? What’s Working?

Reviewing ’22 – How Are We Doing? What’s Working?

Sophie Wade, work futurist, Workforce Innovation Specialist, and host of this podcast, reflects on the past year and all that we have experienced and been adjusting to as we emerged from pandemic conditions. Sophie considers the wide-reaching effects of increased digitalization, changing customer behaviors, and evolving talent management dynamics and needs. She invites you to review your successes, sharing context and a framework for understanding what worked and why. She also encourages analyzing areas for improvement, identifying reasons and what aspects to focus on so as to have the necessary data and priorities to move forward with clarity and confidence in 2023.


[00:44] Sophie prompts listeners to learn from your actions, reactions, and results in 2022.

[01:29] A recent history recap gives important context for reviewing the year and orientation for 2023.

[01:48] Extensive recent digitalization has changed the trajectory of our businesses for the long-term.

[02:55] Conditions have “normalized”, but our personal lives are more digitally facilitated.

[03:55] Pandemic-related technology integration forced beneficial and overdue modernizations in the business realm too.

[04:43] More adjustments or further redesign may be needed or worthwhile to take full advantage of digitally-based advances.

[05:36] To assess 2022, it is essential to recognize our current context and what is necessary to stay competitive.

[06:09] Who are your target customers now--how have their behaviors been changing over the past year?

[07:13] Sales – understanding achievements, issues, and overall alignment during 2022.

[08:19] Checking business fundamentals during a period of flux to confirm or make adjustments to operating practices.

[08:53] Most countries are now managing COVID19, but restrictions or issues continue elsewhere.

[09:50] What epiphanies did you have during the year eg relating to technology or supply chain management?

[10:56] Have employees been able to engage and perform well despite uncertain conditions?

[11:18] How has the Great Resignation affected your company, division, or team?

[12:36] Why Gen Zs’ and Millennials’ departures are useful to understand.

[14:03] Many people are questioning the role and meaning of work, and it’s not a bad thing.

[14:40] How many days a week different age groups want on average each week.

[15:36] The benefit of talking to team members considering or on the point of leaving.

[16:04] How any layoffs were handled in 2022 will likely affect workforce dynamics in 2023.

[16:36] Who on your team is engaged and how did you foster and support that?

[17:24] Whatever your results, how were they achieved and what learnings are relevant for 2023?

[18:12] Getting personal about business—respecting people’s experiences and reactions.

[20:02] Sharing our vulnerabilities can help us support each other beyond the pandemic.

[20:49] The importance of recognizing our new circumstances to prepare for the year ahead.

[21:57] Listening to other episodes during the break to gain wide-ranging useful insights.


“The Digital Genie is not going back in his lamp.”

“If your business is to stay competitive—with your customers and employees—it means recognizing the attributes of the current operational landscape and seeing your company on the new growth trajectory.”

“Do you feel that working conditions were healthy and encouraging employees to go above and beyond?”

“Business got personal in March 2020 and that human connection isn’t going away.”

“We have discovered what is possible and how we can and, yes, must work differently.”

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