Sophie Wade has developed specific programs and workshops that are focused on areas particularly impacted by Future-of-Work changes as well as having disproportionate effect on how your company operates and succeeds - including culture, leadership and productivity. These initiatives are tailored to the needs and unique characteristics of your company.

All initiatives expand on existing internal programs or may be run separately--on- or offsite--depending on the objectives. With emphasis on other important areas impacted by the Future-of-Work changes, key initiatives are listed below.

Featured Program

E.P.I.C. Program:

This core talent-focused program emphasizes Engagement, Personalization, Integration and Choice. As explained in her book, Embracing Progress, Sophie’s research and experience highlights these priorities for developing effective strategies and executing transition plans successfully. The Program helps companies achieve a powerful win-win transformation that results in benefits such as greater productivity, higher performance levels, lower turnover, and creates a sustainable work environment for their new blended workforce.

Featured Program

Other Programs

Executive Offsites:

Sophie delivers critical insights to groups of Board members and senior executives in customized presentations including keynote speeches, seminars and workshops, with Q&A discussions and case discussions as applicable.

Flexible & Distributed Workforce Program:

Company-specific presentations and seminars explain new workforce composition potential challenges and opportunities. Interactive workshops help managers and team members adapt to effectively manage and support flexible and remote workers.

Intergenerational Leadership Program:

Multigenerational-focused inclusive seminars and workshops bring new leadership styles and skills as “Command- and-Control” management is replaced by more empathetic “Leading from Within” approaches.

Career Experience Design Program:

Management sessions explain and explore new career frameworks and choices, with development of company-specific parameters. Workshops rollout for team leaders and members to launch supervised and participatory managed career experiences.

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