Cross-Generational Ideas with Effective Action Steps

Looking for a stimulating speaker who resonates with every generation? Sophie presents entertaining stories and solutions that include and address all age groups, promoting inclusive communication and collaboration.

Sophie’s passion for her field is revealed through her dynamic performances, her deep subject knowledge and the practical solutions she outlines. She delivers upon her desire to inspire executives, managers, and all team members to move forward with sustainable improvements.

Engaging Workforce Solutions that have Practical Impact

Are you interested to provide compelling answers to current challenges? Sophie creates powerful presentations incorporating her unique years of Future-of-Work experience. Her range of understanding and engaging manner is obvious from her easy interaction with audiences.

Sophie enjoys creating customized speeches that are focused and relevant for the particular event. She is happy to catalyze participants to think differently and take action. She recognizes the significant workplace changes in process and offers useful tips to adjust successfully.

More Video & Audio

The Reinvention of Careers & Career Planning, DisruptHR, April 2016

Thought Leader on Work-Life Integration, Law Without Walls, February 2016

Please listen to a selection of Sophie’s interviews that cover a variety of new and evolving workforce and workplace issues:

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Social Media in the Workplace: Control vs Transparency, Jumpwire Media February 2016

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