EMPATHY @ WORK – The Essential Power Skill for Effective Leaders and Teams

Soft skills are rising in importance—with empathy at the core—allowing colleagues to build stronger connections, communicate better and collaborate more effectively across hierarchy levels, generations, and locations. Referencing neuroscience and behavioral psychology, Sophie explains empathy using specific examples; identifies measurement methods; describes how to understand coworkers’ emotions; and shares ways to practice empathy to enhance leadership, engagement, and productivity.

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  • Learning how to identify, expand, and practice empathy skills

  • Identifying when to focus on co-workers’ different perspectives

  • Recognizing key moments to tap into colleagues’ emotions

  • Realizing why stronger relationships support better team results

  • Discovering how empathy improves communication and collaboration

  • Finding out how to incorporate empathy into key daily routines


30-90 minutes. Longer sessions include more interactivity and audience involvement.

MANAGING ACROSS GENERATIONS - How to Bridge Gaps and Collaborate Effectively

The multigenerational workforce brings a great variety of values, expectations, meanings, technology-savvy, and mindsets together. Misinterpretations and interactions at cross-purposes can occur. Sophie helps attendees understand the diverse meaning of our words, personal contexts, and the benefit of clarifying questions to bridge individual differences. She shares tips to stimulate constructive communication and collaboration. Sophie’s insights enable audience members of all generations to lead, manage and work effectively with a diverse team, improving interactions, productivity, and results.

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  • Realizing how personal context affects our points of view

  • Recognizing how common ground builds connections

  • Identifying how judgments can disrupt productive interactions

  • Choosing relevant words to communicate clearly

  • Improving understanding by recognizing others’ perspectives

  • Empathizing across generations to improve collaboration


30-90 minutes. Tailored presentations incorporating audience participation.

WORKING EVERYWHERE - How to Nurture High-Performing Distributed Teams

In tech-driven, less predictable business environments, more is now required of your workforce. Each person must be able to collaborate and contribute effectively wherever they are. Sophie explains how new mindsets, management approaches and ways of working help integrate distributed workers so they can work well together. She discusses how to include and support remote workers whether they are employees or independent contractors. Sophie shares insights about accommodating different roles, working styles, and tools so that decentralized teams can be as engaged and productive as possible.

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  • Describing key skills for driving distributed team productivity

  • Optimizing personal remote working effectiveness

  • Identifying each team member’s preferred working style

  • Managing for optimal individual and team performance

  • Discovering key habits to support decentralized working

  • Recognizing how developing strong team relationships improves results


30-90 minutes. Customized sessions including experiential activities for attendees.

“Sophie Wade brings fresh ideas and terrific strategies aimed at helping people succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic work environment.”

“Sophie Wade brought knowledge and thought provoking content. She drew the audience outside the industry boxed perspective and allowed them to take an unbiased industry perspective on trending issues in the workplace environment.”


Sophie Wade is a speaker and author of Executive MBA textbook Embracing Progress. Next Steps for the Future of Work. She is Founder and Workforce Innovation Specialist at Flexcel Network. Sophie has a BA from Oxford University and an MBA from international business school INSEAD.

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