Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Sophie's framework approach and programs help companies of all sizes make proactive adjustments and transition to their desired and talent-focused Future-of-Work workplace. Application of Sophie's strategic development expertise combined with her field experience and leadership enable companies to engage their workers and create more productive and sustainable work environments.

Sophie shares her deep knowledge and studies of Future-of-Work developments, challenges, and strategic benefits to support clients’ successful transformation. She convenes with leadership, senior executives and other key potential or existing transition team members. The process involves research intelligence, conducting interviews and stimulating exploratory discussion to seed, promote and advance essential strategic dialog and planning, as well as trials and workshops to facilitate successful rollout.

Executive & Board Briefings:

Sophie presents detailed intelligence about Future-of- Work trends, changes, and impact, customized for strategic issues or topics of interest.

Strategy Facilitation:

A framework creates flexible context for exploring relevant multidimensional and targeted strategies to refine, detail and pursue.

Scenario Planning:

Using a first principles approach, Sophie works with relevant teams to develop hypothetical scenarios for identified areas, to then select, prioritize and test.

Strategic Career Design:

Sophie provides strategic planning and execution support to replace traditional career tracks with company-specific strategic career framework.

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