Sophie can cover a range of topics in her presentations. The Future of Work is a broad field with many inter-dependent and related elements. Sophie tailors speeches and workshops to the specific needs of the presentation, purpose and audience.

Important current categories include managing the blended and decentralized workforce; bridging intergenerational communication gaps; and relating to important new leadership styles. Please read more detail below and email us if you would like to more about any of these or related topics.

Featured Keynote Presentation

The Missing Element: The Surprisingly Different Way to Lead, Build Teams, Be More Productive, and Improve Results. 

In the technology-accelerated marketplace, transparent and open-minded approaches are winning through, allowing companies to stay competitive and manage successfully in the new talent-focused and data-rich environment. Empathetic understanding and individualized attention on increasingly distributed employees—enabled by customizable applications—is helping leaders build more productive, trust-based connections and interactions. Find out what missing element you can integrate to improve the outcomes for your team and company significantly. Watch video excerpts.

Featured Keynote Presentation


Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z: Managing a Productive Multigenerational Workforce Effectively

So many workplaces are rife with misinterpretations, judgments, polarized opinions and unhelpful labels. Intergenerational misunderstandings and communications at cross-purposes are blamed for many of these unproductive interactions and negative experiences. Sophie reveals strategic and practical solutions to bridge all kinds of individual differences. With amusing anecdotes and tips, Sophie explains how to overcome language and contextual differences, allowing for productive collaboration and better team results. She helps create shared goals and purposeful common context for discussion. Watch video excerpts.

Working Everywhere: How to Create and Sustain High-Performing Decentralized Teams

In Future-of-Work environments, each member of the workforce must be able to engage, collaborate, and contribute effectively according to their responsibilities from wherever they are. Sophie talks about management methodologies and personalization technology that allow distributed workers to be included and properly supported enabling them to be as engaged and productive as possible. Integrating and collaborating effectively with remote workers is critical whether they are employees or independent contractors, and accommodating different roles, working styles, and desired communications means and or applications where possible. Watch video excerpts.

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