Future-of-Work changes are having a great impact on talent throughout organizations, affecting how your managers lead, develop, and motivate their teams to perform.


Decentralized, multigenerational, and blended teams benefit from modified leadership styles, management methods, and tools to collaborate effectively in a fast-paced business environment.


Our workshops – BRIDGING GAPS, WORKING EVERYWHERE, and INTEGRATED LEADERSHIP – help your managers and teams adapt and succeed in the new world of work. 


Managing a Decentralized Workforce:

Office and team schedules and dynamics are changing: Employees now have more flexibility and responsibility in order to respond effectively to marketplace changes; and independent contractors and freelancers are being utilized in growing numbers. 

This workshop reviews the variety of interactions and activities experienced by a widely-dispersed workforce. Interactive exercises help individuals understand how, when, and where they work at their best. Managers find out how to motivate, monitor, and support the flexible and remote worker mix effectively. Plus, understanding and practicing empathy is included as a critical soft skill improves communication and collaboration across geography. Contact us for more details.



Improving Intergenerational Collaboration:

In the evolving and faster-paced business environment, the challenges of increasing engagement and improving collaboration become all the more urgent. However, working seamlessly and productively across an increasingly decentralized workforce comprised of four or more generations is neither easy nor obvious.

Sophie Wade and Chelsea Simpson join forces as a Gen-Xer and Millennial to bridge the gaps of context and mindset and promote productive interactions. They will enable your company to utilize the valuable insights and strengths that each individual--of any generation--brings to the table which are all needed to succeed at the necessary speed. More about our Generational Flow Workshop.


The Missing Link for Leaders:

“Command and Control” directives from the top are transitioning to more empathetic, integrated leadership styles. This workshop helps executives and team leaders throughout your organization build more trust-based connections and have more productive interactions.

Tangible examples and engaging sessions demonstrate how empathy creates compelling new relationships. Managers experience how better understanding and addressing individual needs, preferences, and situations improve the outcomes for them and their teams. 

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