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Aligning Values, Collaborating In Crisis

May 8, 2020



Aligning Values, Collaborating In Crisis

Aligning Values, Collaborating In Crisis

When Kimmi Wernli took over as owner and CEO of Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company, she brought a holistic perspective and vision—wanting to enrich people’s lives and diets with sustainable, healthy peanut products. She focused on elevating and articulating their mission, connecting customers and employees with their purpose, and the company became a B-Corp. They also chose vendors and retail partners who shared their values and this alignment has helped the company handle tough and unpredictable operating conditions.


[02:55] Why is the company called Crazy Richard's Peanut Butter?

[03:56] Kimmi’s veins run with peanut butter!

[04:35] It was a smooth transition taking the business over from her father.

[06:05] Kimmi brought a more holistic perspective of how peanut butter can help people and enrich their lives.

[08:11] Peanut butter is the number 1 most requested item in food banks worldwide.

[08:55] Crazy Richard’s has always been about giving back.

[09:58] What is our vision? We need to articulate our mission, what is our ‘why’?

[11:15] Kimmi and her leadership team took 6-9 months to define their mission and core values and rebrand.

[12:54] They shared and aligned their values with their partners—across logistics, manufacturing, and retail—and parted ways when values were not in alignment.

[14:45] Why did Kimmi decide on making her company a B-Corp?

[15:20] Peanuts are a sustainable crop and great for the earth.

[17:53] To provide affordable products that are high quality required some significant operating changes for the business.

[20:46] For their Give-Back Program, they not only donate their product, but employees donate their time as well—which is great bonding time too!

[24:10] Kimmi is also an Ambassador for peanuts and advocates for US peanut farming and agriculture.

[25:37] Peanut butter sales are through the roof, and Kimmi feels a huge responsibility to get products to their customers

[27:09] It’s complicated making sure everyone involved in the process is safe.

[28:00] New technology is helping ensure they can do everything hands-off in logistics processes.

[29:08] New procedures and distancing means manufacturing orders are 10-20% short.

[30:15] Everyone along the supply chain is working together to try and absorb the extra costs.

[32:23] Close coordination with supply chain partners is possible because of their aligned values.

[34:38] Kimmi shares how she interacts with customers and shares some customer stories.

[37:46] Kimmi loves peanuts but is empathetic about tree nut allergies as her husband is very allergic.

[38:56] L-E-A-P study shows new preventative treatment for peanut allergies with early exposure.

[41:55] What is Kimmi’s favorite way to eat peanut butter?

[44:14] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP – Hone down your company's culture and values!


“Peanut butter itself is the number one most requested item in food banks worldwide.”

“How can we get peanut butter into more people’s hands and really help solve the problems of the world one step at the time?”

“One of the great things about our product is it’s so sustainable. Peanuts themselves as a plant is a fantastic crop. It’s fantastic for the earth.”

“The guys in the warehouse, they’re not getting out on the front lines and on social media and seeing where our products are going to help others, but every quarter they get to spend a day at a food bank.”

“People have really overcome a lot of health issues and diseases they’re recovering from and peanut butter is one of the things they can eat.”

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