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Leading Remotely and Adapting for What’s Ahead

April 26, 2020



Leading Remotely and Adapting for What’s Ahead

Leading Remotely and Adapting for What’s Ahead

Brian Day is the CEO of Fuze, a global cloud communications provider for enterprises. Fuze’s workforce went mostly remote in 2017. Brian shares his insights as an experienced leader of remote teams focusing on mindset, culture, communication, and tools. He also looks ahead towards a new normal and embraces productive new habits that are benefitting his organization


[02:32] How has the COVID-19 crisis affected progress towards Future of Work environments?

[03:20] With the right mindset and culture, you can enable your workers to work remotely.

[04:15] How can you cultivate the right mindset and culture?

[05:29] Setting expectations with employees about working from home.

[07:11] Every communication should be video.

[08:10] Using technology to protect employees’ health.

[09:01] What changes has Brian seen with more people are working from home?

[11:35] How are managers managing and communicating with their remote teams effectively?

[13:46] Brian shares how he uses different communication channels with remote employees.

[16:46] The benefit of integrated applications—content sharing and communications history.

[19:09] Recognizing how to set up and be equipped for remote working.

[20:42] Establishing the right rules when working from home, including boundaries and habits.

[22:32] Brian thinks most industries will not go back to Jan/Feb 2020, instead companies will continue to benefit from remote working, with shorter commutes for employees.

[24:54] When working from home, if you have the right tools, you don’t lose productivity.

[25:54] Preparing and hiring for what’s ahead.

[27:25] What is Fuze’s company’s culture like?

[27:49] Fuze believes in ‘Work from Anywhere’—what does that really look like?

[31:24] What recommendations does Brian have for CEOs leading virtual companies now?

[35:47] How can managers nurture internal relationships when working remotely?

[38:52] Brian believes we have to unplug from the past—the world is a different place.

[40:39] The more seamless you can make communication, the better it is.

[42:19] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP – Use your video!


“The crisis that the world is living through today is essentially accelerated where we were all going in the first place.”

“As long as you have the right mindset and culture, you can enable your workers to work remotely, that’s the Future of Work.”

“For a lot of people, it’s a brave new world right now. I don’t think we’ll ever go back to the world of January or February of 2020.”

“I think the days of dedicated desks and offices, all that, I think those are numbered in most industries at this point.”

“You really need to unplug from the past and think about “That doesn’t matter anymore. The world’s a different place.””

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