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Self Expertise, Avoiding Burnout, and Focusing on “How” to Work

May 13, 2022



Self Expertise, Avoiding Burnout, and Focusing on “How” to Work

Self Expertise, Avoiding Burnout, and Focusing on “How” to Work

Dr. Amanda Crowell, a university professor, cognitive psychologist, and coach, developed a time management system that helps people be productive without burning out after she experienced severe burnout herself. Amanda explains how to transform outcomes and avoid burnout by recognizing our own expertise, shifting focus, and discovering what key elements to do differently. When we reconfigure “how” we work, we can produce the results we want and feel more fulfilled without changing our lives. Amanda is the author of “Great Work” and podcast host of “Unleashing Your Great Work”.


[02:50] After a stormy start in life, Amanda had an intense academic career.

[04:32] Amanda realized that she wanted to make a difference and it would mean a different pathway.

[05:02] The surprise of finding how different (chaotic) work process is outside academia.

[05:55] Amanda starts to burn out working around the clock.

[07:39] The three key indicators of burnout.

[08:46] Amanda reaches a mental and physical breaking point.

[10:50] How Amanda decides she wants a very different life for herself.

[12:34] “How did I let it get this bad?” resulted from holding onto beliefs that were not true.

[13:45] Unpacking and understanding unhealthy and undermining beliefs.

[15:13] How “self expertise” awareness is essential for effective collaboration.

[17:31] Considering how to configure your life differently utilizing newly-acceptable options.

[19:06] Resetting expectations and the illusion of what is “non-negotiable”.

[20:11] Amanda explores what she could do with less intensity that nobody will notice.

[21:34] Changing the relationship dynamic when you respond differently.

[23:10] Amanda’s focus is improvement science or quality improvement to help people work more effectively.

[23:58] How workflow analysis can increase productivity and reduce burnout.

[24:30] Focusing on key small details can make a significant difference.

[26:40] Making all the pieces of your life fit your self expertise.

[27:09] Despite (deliberately) delayed responses from Amanda, her boss gives her a great evaluation.

[27:41] Optimizing focus and workflow results in more satisfied clients.

[29:40] How to set employees up for success so they can perform well.

[30:49] You cannot be in solid relationship with someone else if you don’t know what matters to you.

[33:10] We must develop skills as enterprises and employees to recognize better what work matters.

[34:54] Without leaving your job or getting a new manager, you can improve your work experience.

[38:24] The hierarchy of ideas can be reframed to help people feel satisfied today while also feeling connected to their big goals that they want to keep making progress towards.

[41:47] When we feel like we have agency and advancing something that matters the experience is very different.

[43:22] IMMEDIATE ACTION TIP: Think back to when you felt angriest as you listened to my interview with Amanda. What triggered the biggest emotional reaction? Focus on that aspect of your work to start to address your burnout. Second, don’t forget self care, and, third, for a particular task you don’t want to do consider “what would it require for me to get rid of this task?”


“Nobody loved the fact that I was being pulled away from the family like that. And nobody loved the Amanda who was left by behind living on those fumes.”

“I’m not going to miss my kids growing up. I’m not going to miss a good relationship with my husband. Like for what? For email?”

“You can’t be in a real relationship with another person if you don’t know what matters to you, and you must honor what matters to that person too.”

“If you hate your job so much, I would address your burnout.”

“I would just say ‘Open the door, just a crack’ that what I’m saying might actually be true.”

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