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Sophie Wade has been deeply immersed in the Future of Work for several years, starting with her focus on workplace flexibility. She shares many brilliant insights about the changing demands of the workforce and explains how the workplace is being radically altered forever. Her approach is organic, continually absorbing and developing new perspectives illuminating the evolution of the Future of Work. The applications are so helpful supporting companies’ adaptations to this very new way of working. You can’t go forward without it!

Sophie Wade is a prime example that the most imaginative and insightful ideas come from those few among us comfortable traversing traditionally siloed fields and cross pollinating great ideas. Just as Steve Jobs turned his fascination with calligraphy into an unlikely, differentiating cornerstone of the early Apple experience, Wade delivers countless insights premised on her ability to demonstrate how hard won learning from one field can revolutionize “the way forward” when applied in another. Embracing Progress is must reading for anyone curious about the future of work and the changing topography of modern life.”

As the opening speaker for the MAKE WORK FIT LIFE Conference, Sophie’s breadth of knowledge about the Future of Work lays the foundation for critical action steps among employers looking to attract and retain top talent.

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